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Useful Web sites:


Here's where I keep up to date on the latest Linux distribution news.

The most popular desktop Linux distribution.

The desktop Linux distribution used in my Intro to Linux course - great for beginners!

A popular full-featured Linux distribution, great for both desktops and servers.

Web Programming

PHP online manual
The ultimate resource in all PHP programming topics

MySQL online manual
The MySQL database online manual.

Ruby on Rails API
The official Ruby on Rails API online manual.

A great online tutorial and reference for many Web programming languages.

Bass Guitar

Fender basses
The grand-daddy of all bass companies.

Lakland basses
My current favorite bass, built in Chicago!

Bible Study

RP Theological Seminary
When I'm not reading computer books, I'm doing bible studies. The Reformed Presbyterian seminary has some great online courses for free that cover the basics of reformed theology.
A smorgasbord of more reformed and evangelical seminary course recordings, all for free!